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How can we help you?

If you are here just getting to know us, you should find most of what you need to inform a decision in considering Match Precision Machining & Engineering as a business worthy of your attention.

We assume you´ll need to get some comfort on our technical knowledge need to run compliance checks on our Quality Management, Labour Practises, and Codes of conduct etc, you will want to know a little about us as a business, how long we have been around, who our customers are, what we look like even, and as you do so, you should hopefully be able to get a sense of our culture, how we go about our business.

Here are some considerations that resonate with our customers and business partners:

Fig 1 - Precision Machining to Tolerance of 10 Microns

What more do you need?

Our customers have had a wide variety of ways to assess us, in some instances they test us and approach us with a technical challenge and see how we perform. In other instances we are given relatively risk free orders to fulfill initially, which increase in value, complexity and urgency over time. Quite often they hear about us through the grapevine and approach us out of desperation when nobody else is willing or able to help.

Where to next?

If you haven´t gone through the Sidebar Menu items to review the information on the various types of things we produce and problems we solve, that´ś a good place to start.

Why not contact us and discuss what problems we could solve for you, but meanwhile you can get a fair bit from our website, such as:

  1. Something about the history of Match and some of our people with whom you will become well acquainted.
  2. How our Code of Conduct reflects how we conduct business ethically.
  3. Detail on our Quality Management System.