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Make your problem ours

Sometimes this is referred to as "BPO" Business Process Outsourcing, which is why when you deal with some financial services call-center, they often sound, foreign and far-away, that's because they are.

Our aim is not to frustrate you, and mis-understand you, but to remove a part of your manufacturing problem, so that you can focus on your core business. Do you have a particular component or part that:

In these instances, we will apply our minds and experience with the result that we:

How is this possible?

Machining Efficiency

Our business is quite simple, and we do a few things extremely well, and other things we don't even bother getting involved in. This complete focus on machining for manufacture and the 40 years of learnings we have from doing just this, allows us to identify opportunities for efficiency gains that are subtle. It could be as simple as using the correct type of CNC machine for the job, or designing the correct number of operations needed, or even just getting the sweet spot of tooling life vs speed of machining.

Process Efficiency

There's nothing like an unnecessary process step efficiently executed, one of the greatest mistakes to be made in manufacturing. This is a form of waste, but waste comes in lots of disguises:

  1. unnecessary movement
  2. unnecessary transportation
  3. waiting and idleness
  4. over engineered processes
  5. excess production
  6. in-efficiency of scale
  7. poor discipline
  8. unstructured record keeping
  9. poorly constructed incentives
  10. rework
  11. defects

Procurement Efficiency

Because we use a lot of metal, from Titanium to Tantalum, from Spring Steel to Stainless Steel, we can ofthen pool respurces and get better deals on metals.

Allow us to help you by doing what we do best, so you can focus on doing what you do best.